About Us

Brilliant is a Marketing Consultancy bureau based in Suriname that specializes on a relatively new branch of marketing. It is only in recent years that people have started using the world wide web as a marketing tool. That is why our staff, consisting of creative young professionals is constantly updating the methods and the way the work is being delivered according to industry standard.

Brilliant’s main focus is the development of: Marketing Campaigns, Animation Commercials, Photo-shoots for advertising, Brand Identity & Design, Website Content creation and maintenance, Animation, Social Media Marketing and creating Marketing Campaigns.

Many young businesses are unaware of the benefits of placing their products and services on the internet. Syndicating your business content on as many platforms as possible allows more and more consumers to get to know your brand in a way that using just one form of advertisement cannot. Using the Internet as a means of advertising gives you the opportunity to build substantial seller-buyer relations. The low operational cost, personal communication and around the clock advertisement that comes with having your own website or account has proven to be the way to go for almost every type of business. Furthermore, by marketing online, your business can overcome barriers of distance. You can sell products almost everywhere in the world without having to set up a store.

What are you waiting for!? Expand your reach with Brilliant Marketing Consultancy.

Every company has the potential to be great, it is our job to expand your greatness..

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